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Saturday, January 20, 2024

We at Northwestern College are thrilled to host an IHSSA District Large Group Contest. As a Christian liberal arts college, we are committed to honoring the gifts and talents God gives each of us whether it be in the fine arts or sciences. God calls us to excellence in all we do, and we achieve—not for ourselves, but because excellence honors God and serves others. 


I hope your time on campus is a standout experience. Know that we believe in the work that you are doing, and how your artistry is making this world a brighter and more beautiful place. 


Thank you, 


President Greg Christy

Our Story

Our contest is planning to start at the regularly scheduled time!

Schools are ALWAYS welcome to come later, and we will allow you to perform when you get here because WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE!

If you decide on Saturday that you will be arriving late, please email Jodi at to let her know your plan.

If this changes, we will email coaches and post it here!

Refresh this site often to get the most
up-to-date information

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While you're here, we have a few great opportunities for you to grow and engage in something that you love ... 


Workshop #1

Theatre is more than acting

Taught by one of our professional designers; hear and see all the different ways we can tell story through the art and craft of design.

 - or -
@ Proscenium Theatre


Workshop #2

Defund the Black V!

Join us for some fantastic and creative improv!

@ Ramaker Fireside Room

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Students & Parents

You’ve got enough on your plate for the day. Here’s some info to help make travel, food, and the contest a bit easier.

Getting There

Judges & Volunteers

Thank you for your time, expertise, and support! 

Here are some helpful links just for you. 


Contact Us!

Thanks for submitting!

Have more questions? Feel free to fill out the this form or head on over to the official IHSSA website.

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